Environmental Projects

At Steinhafels, we believe the steps we take today towards a cleaner environment will result in a better future for our company, and the people of our community. Steinhafels has been a leader in reducing waste through its recycling programs. In addition, Steinhafels has been sensitive to the environment by intelligently developing its real estate projects that maintain and enhance green space and water quality.

Steinhafels Receives the Environmental Excellence Award (2004)

Points of Recognition:

  • Site was adjacent to an environmentally sensitive river and wetlands and required numerous measures to reduce the habitat disturbance and control erosion and sediment run off from the site.

  • Non-traditional fluorescent light system saved 45% in projected energy costs.

  • The use of high-efficient boilers, radiant flooring, and time controlled heating systems.

  • Low flow faucets and water closets were used to reduce water consumption.

  • Floor coverings through out the building were composed of renewable materials like rubber and cork.

  • 45 tons of construction debris was recycled through a successful program with WasteCap Wisconsin.

Southeast Fox River Partnership

Steinhafels responded to suggested recommendations for site development by:

  • Minimizing the total amount of paved surfaces.

  • Constructing the narrowest and shortest driveway bridge possible.

  • Examining the storm water basin in the southeast corner of the site, as it is located in an area of potential high groundwater.

  • Maintaining relatively tall ground cover surrounding the storm water basin to naturally manage geese problems.

  • Limiting the amount of manicured lawn area by including prairie-style natural areas within the landscaping plans.

Pewaukee River Partnership-Water Action Volunteer

  • Steinhafels monitors aquatic life to determine health of river.

  • Takes periodic water samples to determine water quality.

DNR Wetland Restoration in Waukesha

Steinhafels works closely with the DNR to follow best practices to restore wetlands affected when water and sewer lines were extended across our property. Steinhafels has planted over 200 trees, shrubs and plants as part of our on-going commitment to the environment.

Fish Stocking Program

Steinhafels stocks fish in our surrounding retention ponds in an effort to naturally control pond vegetation:

  • Last year Steinhafels stocked 495 hybrid blue gills in the south retention pond.

  • In total 6 aerators have been placed in the retention ponds, because high levels of oxygen promote a healthy pond.

Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin (BRAW)

The mission of BRAW is to monitor and increase the production of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity-nesting birds through a coordinated statewide nest box construction and monitoring program:

  • Steinhafels Waukesha store integrated five new nest boxes.

  • 15 Bluebird eggs were laid.

  • 14 Bluebird eggs hatched.