Measuring Tips: Will it fit?

Always take the following measurements:

  • All door sizes, both width and height.
  • If the furniture is going up or down stairs, measure the diagonal distance between the ceiling and the stairs; keep in mind this measurement needs to be 4 or more inches greater thatn the diagonal measurement of the piece.
  • The height of the hallways.

The most common pieces that do not fit are:

  • Large headboards going upstairs; because the headboard is much smaller than the dresser many people assume it will fit, however, many headboards are the tallest piece going into a bedroom.
  • Deep sofas, sofas that are deeper in size can be tricky to get around corners/turns. The best way to ensure a sofa will fit is to measure the diagonal distance from the head of the sofa to the bottom of the front leg, this diagonal distance will tell you if the piece can fit through a door or hallway.
  • Heavy merchandise that needs to be turned at the end of a hallway. The heavier a piece of furniture is, the less maneuverable it is, due to hallway contraints the delivery teams need to put these pieces on their ends to get around corners. Which means the ceiling needs to be higher than the diagonal measurement of the piece.

Helpful Reminders:

Please remember that the diagonal measurement will be longer and may affect the ability to deliver the item to your desired location.

It is essential that you measure the heights and widths of all internal doorways and rooms. Turning circles (i.e. tops of stairs), hallways, low ceilings and banisters may affect the accessibility of the item.

Most furniture that doesn’t fit is due to the fact that the ceiling is not tall enough to maneuver the piece. Any pieces that go upstairs should be shorter than the distance between the ceiling (or overhead) and the steps, be sure to measure diagonally from the ceiling to the stairs looking for the shortest distance.

The items you are purchasing must measure less than all locations it will pass through to ensure successful delivery.

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