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Laura Hoffman has been designing spaces for over 30 years. She is a full service interior designer, and has done all types of homes and businesses - from new Parade homes to remodels, as well as kitchens and baths. Laura has done residential and commercial design, and even redid a house in Beirut, Lebanon last year for Steinhafels. What a cool experience!

With our busy lives, Laura feels it’s important to have a comfortable, relaxing and beautiful space to come home to.

No matter what your style, Laura has no doubt that she can help you create the home of your dreams.

Contact Laura at (920) 757-2252 or
[email protected]



DEBBIE GRAY - Madison East

Debbie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and more than 30 years of design experience. Her experience encompasses commercial and residential design, space planning, furniture and fabric selection, and permanent finish specification. Drawing on her diverse design experience allows Debbie to bring your project to life regardless of the scope or style. 

Debbie’s goal as your designer is to build a partnership that allows you to make your house a home. As a team, you do this by creating an environment that is a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. Listening to your wants and needs, incorporating them into a design plan, and providing a great customer experience is essential to Debbie.

Contact Debbie at (262) 436-0960 or [email protected]



CECE HENSEN - Madison West

Cecelia (Cece) Hensen is an Interior Designer at Steinhafels, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. After graduation, Cece took some time to travel the world, going to places including Africa, Thailand and Australia. Traveling to countries and continents that are so diverse and rich in culture and design allowed Cece to gain a multitude of new experiences and knowledge in many areas of art, design and architecture.

Growing up in a family of designers and craftsman, Cece’s passion and appreciation for design started at a young age. She believes an Interior Designer is someone who creates environments that can provide enjoyable and memorable experiences for all who use them. Cece strives to always create designs with efficiency, functionality, and sustainability as well as strong aesthetic values.

Contact Cece at (608)575-0205
or [email protected]

MICHELLE KAHL - Madison East

Michelle Kahl has a degree in Interior Design from Madison College, and has a fresh perspective on the latest trends and styles.

Michelle’s role as your designer is to uncover all the needs of your project - no project is too small or too large for her to accomplish your wishes. She can assist you with all aspects of design from the floor to ceiling. She works within all budgets, and enjoys working with all design styles. Her goal while working on your project is to bring your vision to life, and to create a unique space that is a reflection of you and your family. She is here to help you avoid any costly mistakes and to save you time, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, while she does what she loves. Be “house proud,” and have a space that you can live in comfortably and happily!

Contact Michelle at (262-436-0955) or
[email protected]



DAWN ADAMEC - Waukesha

Dawn has been in the design business more than 20 years and she loves her job. She specializes in new construction and remodeling, and has done countless projects in both residential and commercial settings. Dawn really loves that Steinhafels has all the products she could possibly need to finish an interior design project - from furniture, to accessories, and everything in between!

She loves when a customer says at the end of a project, "You really got me, you really got my style". Dawn thinks that most important part of being a good interior designer is being a good listener, and finding out what a customer's needs and wants truly are.

Contact Dawn at (262)436-8764 
or [email protected]



Devin believes amazing design can transform a room or an entire home. Bringing in color, texture, and patterns can change how a room feels and flows. Have you ever looked at your space and dreamed of creating a home you love? A home that is a reflection of you that can be enjoyed with family and friends? Then Devin is the designer for you!

Devin loves working with her clients, and is grateful each time she starts a new project. Each client has his or her own unique ideas, wants and style. What Devin likes to do is tailor each project to meet these needs. Devin’s design projects have been featured in local media outlets, and she is looking forward to working with you, and bringing that expertise to your home!

Contact Devin at (262)436-8774 or
[email protected]


LORI GREEN - Greenfield

Lori Green has worked at Steinhafels for more than 26 years. She is ready to help you transform your rooms into the spaces of your dreams! It’s Lori’s pleasure to bring texture, comfort, and design into peoples’ homes. She will assist you in selecting the right style, size and color for your space. Lori loves to discover the look and feel that fits her clients’ lifestyles.

Lori is an attentive listener, and every project she does is unique. Decorating is not always instant - you need to go out and search for the things that have meaning to you. Lori believes great style is achievable with any budget, and she looks forward to the challenge. 

Contact Lori at (262)436-4626
or [email protected]


CAITLIN JAHNS - Greenfield

Caitlin Jahns has a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from Concordia University. Caitlin’s personal style is eclectic, so nothing is off limits. She loves bringing clients’ dreams to life through a virtual 3D walk of their refurbished space, so you can visualize yourself within the space before it is even completed. Caitlin can assist you in space planning, furniture and wall painting, accessories and art selections, finish selections, and of course furniture selections.

Each home is a one of a kind canvas - even “cookie-cutter” homes! Their bones and construction may be similar, but the experiences inside and out are all different. Our homes become an extension of us living inside of them, and these spaces create the memories that we cherish. By using combinations of color, texture, style and finishes, your dream home will be waiting for you.

Contact Caitlin at (262)278-4964
or [email protected]


Emily Lindsley is an interior designer at Steinhafels. Emily’s background in design originates from a love for textiles. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, with a double major in fine arts and design. Over the last couple of years, the Decorating Solutions program at Steinhafels has allowed Emily to explore her creativity at all stages of the design process. Whether it’s working on a new home, refurnishing, or just selecting finishes - Emily will listen to your needs and ideas.

Communication is key, and relationships with clients are important to Emily. She will work with you to make sure your personality continues to shine through. She can help with measuring, space planning, selections and she will render your design in 3D software in order to help you better visualize your space.

Contact Emily at (262) 436-8832 or

[email protected]


AARON KELLER – Menomonee Falls 

Do you get overwhelmed with decorating? Are you building or remodeling, and need help with making selections? Do you have that awkward space that you struggle with? Do you want a magazine-ready home with a ‘wow’ factor? Or do you and your spouse simply disagree on everything and need a mediator? Decorating Solutions Interior Designer Aaron Keller can help you with all of this and more!

Aaron makes it his job to make the design process fun, easy, stress free, and affordable by avoiding costly mistakes. 

Aaron’s designs include a 3D layout, and options tailored to your needs and likes. Examples and reviews of Aaron’s work are right here on, Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to connect with him! 

Contact Aaron at (262)437-2136
or [email protected]



Jenii is an interior designer at Steinhafels, and her work has been featured in lifestyle magazines across the area. She has also designed spaces for the Pabst Theater Group, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and iHeart Media through Decorating Solutions.

You can hire Jenii to bring her skill and creativity into your home! She has a degree in Interior Design from Gateway Technical College, and has experience with both commercial and residential design, home staging, and new construction.

Jenii believes that her clients’ homes should be reflections of their lifestyles, and she loves learning her clients’ stories. She specializes in space planning and style mixing, to make sure everything is just right! Jenii even uses a 3D modeling program, which gives clients the full HGTV experience by giving a first look into what their space will look like.

Contact Jenii at (262)278-4953
or [email protected]



John Newell has twenty years of design experience to draw from to help you create the beautiful, functional home of your dreams.

When beginning any large or small design project, John feels the biggest hurdle to overcome is developing a plan of attack. As your designer, he will listen to your ideas, and work with you to define how you would like to use the space you want to create. Keeping that in mind, he can help you make proper color, layout, and furniture selections to uniquely furnish the space to fit your personal needs. Designing your space is not an obstacle you need to tackle on your own. Let John help, and collaborate with you to find exactly what you're REALLY looking for in that room.

Contact John at (262)436-8836 or
[email protected]

LINDA PATTI - Waukesha 

Linda Patti has been with Steinhafels for more than 24 years, and has decorated more than 700 homes. From modest condos to mansions in Lake Country, she has done it all!  Linda has also been featured multiple times in Parade of Homes, and has worked on new construction projects. 

Linda has designed and decorated corporate reception areas, offices, and conference rooms ranging from doctors and lawyers, to restaurants and bars, and even retirement homes.  She hopes you choose her for her expertise and experience. Linda’s goal is to see the smile on a client’s face after a job well done.

Contact Linda at (262)436-8806
or [email protected]


COLLEEN ROME - Greenfield 

Creating beautiful rooms is not just a job to Colleen, it is her passion and what she loves to do! She recently created a space for the Marcus Performing Arts Center, using color texture, lighting, and art. The space is used for the artists to relax before and after their shows.

Colleen loves putting a whole room together from top to bottom, incorporating all her clients’ wants and needs - always keeping in mind their personal styles and wishes of what the room should look and feel like, when completed.

If you are looking for that WOW factor in your home, go see Colleen!

Contact Colleen at (262)436-4635
or [email protected]



Julie Thompson has been a designer for more than 25 years, including 10 years as an Interior Design instructor at WCTC. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and has been featured in various publications. 

She has the ability to understand both her client‘s needs and wishes. Some of Julie’s favorite rooms start with a special piece that means something to the homeowner. She can then help create a whole new room design around that one piece! She loves that interior design is ever-changing.  A designer must stay within the elements of design, but is not limited to color, style, scale, and balance.  She looks forward to meeting you and creating beautiful designs together!

Contact Julie at (262)436-8771
or [email protected]


AMANDA WALTERS - Menomonee Falls

Creating your own space can be a difficult and confusing process. Interior Designer Amanda Walters will listen to your ideas, and translate them into your own unique, personalized space.

Understanding your personality and how you utilize your space is essential to creating a cohesive floor plan, as well as designing custom pieces to fit your lifestyle. With two years of study in Architecture and a degree in Fine Art, Amanda can work with color, form, and textures to transform your space into a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing place for you to call home. Amanda can help with hundreds of options from flooring and paint, to furniture, drapes, and accessories.

Contact Amanda at (262) 436-2127
or [email protected]



Andrea Burbano is from Colombia, South America. She is bilingual, and has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Tennessee Technological University.

Coming from a different culture has helped Andrea to have diverse perspectives and ideas when it comes to design. She is comfortable working with spaces of all sizes, and enjoys playing with earth colors - combining them with a pop of colors that connects the entire theme and completes the desired scheme.

Modern and contemporary are Andrea’s favorite styles. Andrea has an attraction to clean lines, neutral colors, and gold accents. These are some of the tools she feels makes an ideal, elegant and still cozy space.

Contact Andrea at (262)436-4600
or [email protected]

KATE HOWLETT - Vernon Hills

Kate Howlett has 13 years of experience as a designer. Her background is in Communications and Design. Kate uses her Communications background to look beyond the design aspect, and ask questions that provide a better understanding of you and your space. The relationship she has with her clients is very important, and she keeps an open dialogue with her clients so they are part of the process.  

When Kate is designing, she creates a look specific to her clients and their space. She utilizes all the information gathered through meetings and a questionnaire to assist in creating a plan.  Each design is a new adventure for Kate, and she really enjoys that creative process. Kate’s passion is creating an environment where clients can relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Contact Kate at (847)281-0009

or [email protected]


JIM MALLON – Vernon Hills

Jim Mallon is proud to be a decorator with Decorating Solutions. His professional design background is in Architecture. Early in his career, he worked for architectural firms and developers. As the housing boom began in the late 80’s, he accepted a position with a national award-winning residential architectural design firm.

He explains, “My design philosophy can be best summed up in the iconic architectural axioms – “Less is More” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) and “Form follows Function” (Louis Sullivan). As your decorator, I will draw from your aspirations, desires and needs to help you create the room or entire house of your dreams.”

Contact Jim at (847)281-0026
or [email protected]




In her 35 years as a Designer, Marcia has been fortunate enough to have been involved in every area of design for the residential client. The past 20 years, Marcia has specialized in kitchen and bath design, as well as custom closets, tile, and window treatments. She has personally opened 4 showrooms and has worked for an Architectural firm doing selections for new home construction helping clients choose everything from the shingles on the roof to the pavers outside, and everything in between.

Marcia’s Design Philosophy is about the environments that surround us. She believes we are our environments, and they impact us every single day in the way we feel and interact. Marcia’s goal is to help you achieve the best possible space that brings joy and fulfillment but also helps you and your family to function at your optimal best. Her most rewarding moments are seeing how happy her clients’ new spaces make them feel.

Contact Marcia at (262)436-4600
or marcial[email protected]

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