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Laura Hoffman has been designing homes for over 20 years. She has worked on homes in various stages, and on many different budgets. She has been involved in the building process from initial plans, to picking out every hinge and doorknob, to remodeling, to just giving advice on paint colors for that special room in your home.

Laura is well versed in all areas of design. Talk to any of her former clients, and they will tell you she’s able to connect on a personal level. She will take the time to listen to your thoughts and ideas. That connection helps her understand your style, bring your vision to life, and meet the needs of your family.

Contact Laura at (920) 757-2252 or
[email protected]



Julianne loves the challenge in redesigning a space. With more than 25 years of experience, she is very qualified to assist in all areas of design. Her inspiration comes from art, nature, and the many places she has traveled and people she has met along the way. Her philosophy has always been, "Form follows function” and "Quality before quantity".

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just freshening up a room with the newest trends - no job is too big or too small. Julianne will help remove the stress from a project and allow clients more free time with family and friends. She would love to be your decorator!

Contact Julianne at (920) 757-2259 or
[email protected]


TAYLOR ARNOLD - Madison East

Taylor Arnold has 3 primary passions in life: Working creatively with people, utilizing the elements of design, and being a part of a respected business in the community. Taylor’s design philosophy is that a room should feel collected, not decorated. A collection of you, your lifestyle, and your creative expressions.

Design is simple when you have all the options in front of you. Taylor wants to be your guide, presenting you with the options that serve you best. She’ll help you study floor plans, discover your eye for color, have an understanding of texture, and think outside the box. Taylor has an intuitive ability to listen to and understand her clients as people. She will help you seamlessly navigate the logistics of the design process, including: Selection, ordering, and delivery. The end result is not only ease of the creative process, but a beautifully collected space that is a true reflection of you.

Contact Taylor at (262) 436-0958 or [email protected]

TINA DOPF - Madison West

Tina Dopf takes pride in building lasting relationships with her clients. She has a 4 year degree in interior design, with a minor in construction management. She passed the NCIDQ exam to qualify for ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) affiliation. She has 25 years of combined commercial and residential design experience and has worked on a wide range of projects from single rooms, to entire homes, and very large corporate installations--all requiring different facets of design from floor to ceiling.

Tina wants her clients to have the same level of satisfaction living in their new spaces, as she has in creating them. Tina is current with trends, but has a very good eye for timeless style as well. She wants to make your home or office a personal retreat to be proud of. Together you will be a team with the same ultimate goal--success!

Contact Tina at (262) 436-8797 or [email protected]

DEBBIE GRAY - Madison East

Debbie Gray has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and more than 30 years of design experience including everything from designing commercial and residential interiors, to creating showroom displays, to wholesale accessory and furniture buying, and everything in between! Drawing on her diverse design experience allows her to bring your project to life—from start to finish. Debbie’s loves the endless array of furniture and accessories that are available at Steinhafels.

Debbie’s goal as your designer is to build a partnership allowing her to create an environment that is a reflection of you and your family, that compliments your lifestyle, and that highlights your design style. She will listen to your wants and needs, and finding the best way to incorporate them into your design plan.  It's a busy world and there are a lot of demands on your time. Enjoy some free time while she handles the details!

Contact Debbie at (262) 436-0960 or [email protected]



Michelle Kahl has a degree in Interior Design from Madison College, and she likes to bring a fresh perspective to the latest trends and styles. Michelle is intrigued by every part of the design process--from selecting furniture and fabric, flooring, paint colors, window treatments and lighting... to creating floor plans and completing a space with accessories.

The most important part of the design process for Michelle is listening. Listening to her clients’ wishes allows her to create a design that will not only suit their design style, but their lifestyle as well. Her goal is to create a stress-free and smooth process that in the end is going to save clients’ time and money. It is important to her to work within your preferred style, and create a one of a kind space that you are happy to call home!

Contact Michelle at (262-436-0955) or
[email protected]


PATTI STINDT – Madison West

Patti Stindt has been an interior designer for more than 14 years. She specializes in residential and commercial design, including new home construction and remodeling. Her design philosophy encompasses styles from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between.

She adds, “What I love about being a designer at Steinhafels is the ability to create a complete project. I can design a room from floor to ceiling with the countless possibilities I have with custom options. My job is to ensure all the elements are cohesive-including furniture and placement, wall treatments, lighting, art, accessories, and custom window treatments.”

Contact Patti at (262) 436-0964 or
[email protected]



DAWN ADAMEC - Waukesha

Dawn has been in the design business more than 20 years and she loves her job. She specializes in new construction and remodeling, and has done countless projects in both residential and commercial settings. Dawn really loves that Steinhafels has all the products she could possibly need to finish an interior design project - from furniture, to accessories, and everything in between!

She loves when a customer says at the end of a project, "You really got me, you really got my style". Dawn thinks that most important part of being a good interior designer is being a good listener, and finding out what a customer's needs and wants truly are.

Contact Dawn at (262)436-8764 
or [email protected]


RAY BUQUET - Kenosha

Rachel Buquet has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin University. Her design experience began in school, where client-based projects drove the curriculum. She then worked in a high-end residential community of Dallas for a few years, at a firm that produced enduring, distinctive, and bold spaces.

Rachel thinks that the practice of Interior Design is both an art and a science. Art can be whatever aesthetically pleases an individual. Rachel loves to play with contrast in texture and style. Rachel wants to make your space reflect the wonderfully dynamic person YOU are, and hopes to make you very happy with your investment of time, money, and trust.

Contact Rachel at (262) 436-8835 or
[email protected]



Amber Ferry says creativity has always been her calling. Her personal design style has a sophisticated vibe--an eclectic mix of styles that seamlessly blend bold, timeless colors and geometric forms. Her leap from design as a passion to a profession started when she earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The Art Institutes.

Initially Amber’s career focused on commercial design, and she worked with experienced interior designers and architects to design interiors for businesses. Over time she grew to love creating residential design, and space-planning homes. Her goal as an interior designer is to make every effort to design a space with her client’s comfort and unique style in mind.

Contact Amber at (262) 278-4967 or [email protected]


Cecily Gaitan has her Associates Degree in Applied Science of Interior Design. She also has certificates for Fundamentals of Interior Design, History of Design and the Decorative Arts, and sustainable Design. She is always keeping up with the latest and greatest styles and trends. Cecily believes furnishing your home shouldn’t be a stressful or overwhelming process. Whether it’s just adding accessories to finish off a room, or furnishing an entire home--having a designer by your side to guide you through the process will make you more at ease.

Cecily enjoys space planning and figuring out the best way to make a room functional. She has a great eye for color, and also loves mixing textures and materials. Cecily feels that nothing is more rewarding than a client being happy with a design. She looks forward to working with you, and can’t wait to make your dream home a reality!

Contact Cecily at (262) 278-4982 or [email protected]

LORI GREEN - Greenfield

Lori Green has worked at Steinhafels for more than 21 years. Her design experience includes residential homes, commercial businesses, churches and schools, and senior living facilities. 

She explains, “I am an attentive listener and each project I do is unique.  Decorating is not always instant. You need to go out and search for things you really like and fill your home with objects that have meaning to you.”  She adds, “Great style is achievable on any budget!”

Contact Lori at (262)436-4626
or [email protected]



Brittany Holey has a degree from MATC with experience in both residential and commercial interior design and staging homes for realtors. Brittany lives for beauty, both inside and out, and believes it’s all connected. She has a passion for the psychology behind interior design, and how it can change how you feel in an instant--just by applying a fresh coat of paint, hanging a new picture, or adding one piece of furniture.

Brittany gravitates toward a chic and timeless style with a little bit of edge and trend incorporating neutrals with color or accents, as well as mixing textures. She believes design is more than just finishes, color, and furniture--it’s also about function. Brittany can help you envision your space with 3D renderings and other design tools. She will also help you encompass a mixture of furniture style, beautiful objects, painted surfaces, and personal style with the right amount of sophistication and comfort.

Contact Brittany at (262) 278-4965 or [email protected]

BETH KEALY – Menomonee Falls

Beth Kealy has more than 10 years of interior design experience. She has successfully conquered challenging layouts and obstacles--resulting in unique design solutions catered to each individual client. 

She explains, “With Steinhafels’ Decorating Solutions program, my goal is to customize your space to best fit your needs and budget. I can provide the total package from our massive warehouse of in-stock merchandise, to custom orders as unique as you are. I work with my design clients to create a design solution that not only improves comfort, organization and aesthetics, but most importantly a design that is an extension of their personality.”

Contact Beth at (262)437-2149
or [email protected]



AARON KELLER – Menomonee Falls 

Aaron Keller knows that decorating can be overwhelming at times. He wants to make the process fun and easy, and help you express yourself in your home. He has decorated hundreds of spaces ranging from traditional to transitional, to contemporary and rustic. 

He says, “I have access to over 100,000 square feet of furniture, which includes thousands of fabric choices and accessories. Our program also allows me the flexibility to utilize out of store resources to help you complete your home. I can help with paint selection, flooring, drapes, home remodels, and every other aspect of your home.” 

Contact Aaron at (262)437-2136
or [email protected]



Jenii Kluver has a degree in Interior Design from Gateway Technical College. She has plenty of fresh, new ideas to turn your house into the home of your dreams!  Jenii’s favorite part of designing is the look on clients’ faces when they see the finished product. Her favorite style is rustic mixed with traditional. She loves reclaimed woods and distressed finishes mixed with nailhead trim and clean lines. 

Jenii’s specialty is space planning. If you have a tricky space with obstacles, or not much space at all, she’s the designer for you! Whether you want comfortable and functional, or stylish and ornate, you will enjoy the stress-free process of working with a Steinhafels’ “Decorating Solutions” Interior Designer.

Contact Jeni at (262)278-4953
or [email protected]


LINDA PATTI - Waukesha 

Linda Patti has been with Steinhafels for more than 24 years, and has decorated more than 700 homes. From modest condos to mansions in Lake Country, she has done it all!  Linda has also been featured multiple times in Parade of Homes, and has worked on new construction projects. 

Linda has designed and decorated corporate reception areas, offices, and conference rooms ranging from doctors and lawyers, to restaurants and bars, and even retirement homes.  She hopes you choose her for her expertise and experience. Linda’s goal is to see the smile on a client’s face after a job well done.

Contact Linda at (262)436-8806
or [email protected]


COLLEEN ROME - Greenfield 

Colleen Rome has been designing for 15 years, and specializes in bringing color and vibrancy to a home that is victim to white walls. 

Colleen explains, “A lot of times customers will come in and just purchase a sofa and loveseat, only to get it home and realize there is something missing, and everything else in the room looks very blah!” Colleen loves mixing different styles together to create a fun eclectic mix.  No project is too big or too small!

Contact Colleen at (262)436-4635
or [email protected]



Julie Thompson has been a designer for more than 25 years, including 10 years as an Interior Design instructor at WCTC. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and has been featured in various publications. 

She has the ability to understand both her client‘s needs and wishes. Some of Julie’s favorite rooms start with a special piece that means something to the homeowner. She can then help create a whole new room design around that one piece! She loves that interior design is ever-changing.  A designer must stay within the elements of design, but is not limited to color, style, scale, and balance.  She looks forward to meeting you and creating beautiful designs together!

Contact Julie at (262)436-8771
or [email protected]



JIM MALLON – Vernon Hills

Jim Mallon is proud to be a decorator with Decorating Solutions. His professional design background is in Architecture. Early in his career, he worked for architectural firms and developers. As the housing boom began in the late 80’s, he accepted a position with a national award-winning residential architectural design firm.

He explains, “My design philosophy can be best summed up in the iconic architectural axioms – “Less is More” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) and “Form follows Function” (Louis Sullivan). As your decorator, I will draw from your aspirations, desires and needs to help you create the room or entire house of your dreams.”

Contact Jim at (847)281-0026
or [email protected]



Andrea Odishoo has been an interior decorator for 14 years. She has a Fine Arts Degree from San Diego State University. 

She explains, "Let's face it, the world around us can be noisy, chaotic and often times not very pretty. Our home becomes our sanctuary, the place we go to at the end of the day to get away from all that.... our home should be a reflection of who we are." Andrea's art background inspires her to create spaces that look and feel balanced and harmonious. 

Contact Andrea at (847)281-0037
[email protected]