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Purple is a one-of-a-kind brand that engineers no-compromise comfort for every body and every kind of sleeper. Because we know that when you make the best of every night, you can make the best of every day.

What makes Purple different?

The one. The only. The Purple Grid™.

The Purple Grid™ is the only technology that instantly and intelligently adapts to your body to softly cradle your hips and shoulders and support your back's natural shape, all while keeping you cool all night. Pretty sweet huh?

No Pressure® Support

Instantly adapts to your body for the soft comfort you crave and the firm support you need. All at once.

No Pressure Support
Perfect Sleep Temperature

Perfect Sleep Temperature

With 2800+ open air channels, the Purple Grid neutralizes body heat so you sleep cool all night.

Instant Response

Instantly adapts to your body in any sleep position so you don't have to wait to get comfy.

Instant Response


The Purple® Mattress

Supports Your Back and Your Budget

The Purple® Mattress uses the Purple Grid™ to cradle pressure points and allow airflow so you sleep cool and comfortable.

Ideal for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support, and those who prefer a medium-firm feel.

Purple Mattress

Purple® Hybrid

Enhanced Adaptive Support & Airflow

With the combination of the Purple Grid™ and Responsive Support Coils to enhance comfort, responsiveness, and durability, you'll feel the firm support you need to make your dreams come true.

Ideal for back sleepers who prefer firm support with extra responsiveness and durability.

Purple Mattress

Purple® Hybrid Premier | 3"

The Total No Pressure® Mattress

50% more Purple Grid™ than the Purple® Hybrid plus Responsive Support Coils give you a plush, weightless feel.

This is the favorite for couples with different feel preferences and sleepers who like to switch up their sleep positions.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3"

Purple® Hybrid Premier | 4"

The Ultimate No Pressure® Mattress

Combining the Responsive Support Coils and the deep 4" of the Purple Grid™, you get the ultimat zero-gravity support for instant No Pressure® luxury.

This is favorited by side sleepers, curvy sleepers, and anyone who wants to sleep cooler and deeper than an astronaut on Cloud Nine.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4"


The Purple® Harmony Pillow

The Greatest Pillow Ever Invented

Meet the greates pillow ever invented: The Purple® Harmony Pillow. The only pillow with innovative 360° Purple Grid™ Hex technology around a hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core for the prefect balance of cooling, support, and luxurious comfort.

This is favorited by side sleepers, curvy sleepers, and anyone who wants to sleep cooler and deeper than an astronaut on Cloud Nine.

Purple Harmony Pillow

The Purple® Pillow

Ergonomic Neck Comfort

The most supportive pillow that you can possibly dream up. No sweaty memory foam, stabby feathersm or mystery foam chunks found here - only crazy cool, no-fluff comfort all night, every night.

The Purple® Pillow is the perfect solution to get your head on straight.

Purple Pillow


Purple™ Sheets

Sleep in the Lap of Luxury

Normal sheets don't stretch, blocking your body from interacting with your mattress the way it should. TPurple is anything but normal...

Meet the Purple™ Sheets. They have just the right amount of stretch to adapt to your body so you feel all the comfort your mattress has to offer - all with the soft, cozy , and cool quality you crave from luxury sheets.

They enhance the No Pressure® Support of the Purple Grid™, making these the best sheets for the Purple® Mattress - or any mattress, for the matter!

Purple Sheets

The Purple® Mattress Protector

Quiet, Durable Protection

The Purple™ Mattress Protector is super stretchy, which means you keep the comfort of your mattress while keeping it looking like new. The dual-layer design means it's water-resistant and water absorbent so it keeps liquid off your mattress but doesn't let it pool like rain on a tarp.

It sleeps so cool and quiet you;; forget it's there! The purple Mattress Protector is stain resistant so washing it is a cinch, and the extra-durable elastic band makes it easy to put on a mattress and keep it there.

Purple Mattress Protector


Purple® Royal Cushion

Comfort Engineered for Every Booty

Sit like Royalty. Whether you're at work, play, or relaxing all day, the Royal Purple® Seat Cushion gives you the support you need to make it through the day.

Purple Royal Seat Cushion