Bedding Warranty Policy

Manufacturer Replacements

  • A technician inspection is required for all warranty claims.
  • All bedding Law Tags must be intact and attached.
  • Human, pet bodily fluid, food or beverage stains void original manufacture warranty.
  • Punctures, rips and burns void original manufacture warranty.
Less than 1 year – a service technician automatically goes out for inspection. Request or schedule service today!

Greater than 1 year – a Warranty Claim Request Form must be filled out first. Submit your Warranty Claim Request Form online now.

After Inspection

  • We send a letter or email recommending the replacement model number.
  • Customer Service will process the warranty re-selection. Please write down the SKU# of your choice on the warranty approval letter and call Customer Service with your replacement information.
  • Orders are processed with Customer Service—not in the stores.
  • All replacement bedding is ordered directly from the manufacturer (Usually 7 - 10 days). It will not be taken from stock.
  • The Customer Service Department orders warranty replacements on a service claim.
  • All defective bedding MUST be returned. Steinhafels gets credit from the vendor.
  • The length of the original warranty stays in effect—it does not start over.
  • If claim is denied we will send a letter or email stating the reason for the denial.

Upgrading to a different mattress

  • When you pay the up-charge and delivery fee, the mattress will be ordered.
  • Payment may be made on-line or in the store.
  • Customer Service will contact you when the mattress is received to schedule delivery.

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