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International Table Pads

NOW!!! $249.00**

** Price for table pads up to 120". Table pads must be paid in full at the time of sale.

Key Benefits:

  • Guarantee - Lifetime on materials and workmanship.

  • Protection - Direct sunlight can fade a table's finish over time. Everyday objects such as silverware, keys, etc. can scratch a table's finish. A table pad can guarantee your table will continue to look like the day you purchased it when used on a regular basis.

  • Thickness - Full 1/2" thick layered insulating felt. Provides sound absorption, to decrease noise when used during dinner parties.

  • Locking System - Magnapad (magnetic locking device)

  • Adhesives - High strength permanently flexible, water-based adhesives are used. They assure a resilient bond, thus eliminating potential warping problems and long term residual odor.

  • Bottom - Duravel (DV) is standard. A precision acrylic nylon flock laminated to a heavy cloth backing. This material was carefully selected for its durability, soft finish and high chemical stability.

  • Heat Resistance - 550 Degree Fahrenheit protection at the table surface against accidental heat sources. Though not a hot mat, a table pad can provide protection against heat sources.

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Custom Table Pads

Table Pad Leaf Bags (sold separately)

Flannel or Vinyl Available

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