Bedding Warranty Claim

Steinhafels would like to thank you for your bedding purchase. We appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns that you are experiencing with your bedding.
We have listed common concerns and possible solutions that may be useful to your specific situation.
Body Impressions:
Body impressions are a natural occurrence in any mattress and are an indication that your bedding is conforming to your individual contours. These can be smoothed out, or avoided, by turning your mattress end to end and side to side every two weeks for the first three months and once every two months thereafter.
Squeaks or Noise:
These usually originate from either the bed frame, headboard or the footboard. To locate, remove the mattress and foundation from the bed frame. Check the frame by pushing down on all sides and corners and in the middle. If the noise cannot be found, replace the foundation on the frame and repeat the test. Finally, replace the mattress and repeat.
Because the mattress handles are intended for use in positioning the mattress, not lifting, handles that have pulled out are not covered under warranty.
Because the mattress handles are intended for use in positioning the mattress, not lifting, handles that have pulled out are not covered under warranty.
If the manufacturer of your bedding is Tempur-Pedic® , review the following forms to assist you in completing your warranty claim.
  • Warranty Checklist - to ensure the customer's claim has each required piece before it is submitted.

  • Warranty Instruction Sheet - to assist the person taking the photos in knowing how photos are required to be taken for review. **
    Failure to follow this procedure sheet will result in the declination of a Claim, or our request to take photos the required way.

  • Warranty Claim Form - Required for all Mattress Claims.

  • Each paper or document submitted should be noted with the Customer Name, Address, and Issue.

  • If the Claim is submitted in separate pieces (i.e. Receipt is Faxed, and Photos are E-mailed), the fax should be noted 'sent photos by email',and on the email note 'sent receipt by fax'.
Tempur-Pedic® also prefers to work with you directly on any warranty concerns you are experiencing. They may be contacted at
800-510-8323 or visit their website at Click here to review the Tempur-Pedic® warranty.
If the manufacturer of your bedding is either Sealy , Simmons , Serta , Stearns & Foster or Dreams, please continue or you may find more information by going directly to their website by clicking on their names listed above.
If the manufacturer of your bedding is NOT listed above, please contact us by email or phone at 866-351-4600 to help further assist you.
Please read and accept the following terms and conditions:
  • In order for your limited warranty to be valid, you must be the original consumer (purchaser). Therefore, you must provide proof of purchase.
    Your proof of purchase is required or the bedding will not be covered by warranty. If your date of purchase is more than two years ago, please fax, scan, or mail us a copy of your order. If you are unable to locate your proof of purchase, please contact us by email or calling Customer Service at 866-351-4600. We may be able to retrieve records of your purchase.
  • Expect to pay a pro-rated usage charge if the bedding is returned during the pro-rated warranty period.
  • Expect to pay a delivery charge for Steinhafels to pick-up old bedding and delivering of new bedding.
  • Expect to receive bedding of equal or greater value if identical material is not available. There is no guarantee that the product you receive will have the same tick/cover or construction as your current mattress or foundation.
  • The mattress that is being replaced MUST be returned back to Steinhafels. If the mattress is not returned, the warranty replacement mattress will not be issued.
The following reasons are not valid and void the manufacturer's limited warranty:
Reasons Mattress Foundation Exceptions
No record of purchase X X  
No label and/or law tag on bedding X X  
Bedding stamped "as-is" X X  
Cover has stains, soiling, burns, or pilling X X Reported within 7 days of delivery
Handles pulled out X    
Body depressions of less than 1 1/2" X    
Bed height X X  
Sheets not fitting X X  
Comfort preference:
      • Too soft
      • Too hard
      • Don't like
X X  
Bedding being replaced does not have same tick or color as other piece without defect X X  
Wet X X  
Unsanitary X X  
Stained X X  
Abuse (burning, excessive folding) X X  
Bed border wire, which runs along the parameter of the mattress and foundation, bent due to moving or bending the sleep set X X Reported within 7 days of delivery
Quilting or needle pattern matches product specifications but does not match dealer floor sample X X  
Other-piece in set is being replaced X X  
Mattress damage due to inappropriate foundation. A mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching foundation as a part if a total sleep set X X  
Loose stitching, seam separation and rip in fabric X X Reported within 7 days of delivery
Structural damage due to improper bed frame. This warranty applies to King and Queen size mattress and foundation ONLY if used on appropriate frame with a rigid center support having at least one central leg or five cross slats X X  
I have read and acknowledged all the above information prior to submitting my Bedding Warranty Claim.
I Accept