Environmental Initiatives

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We have been committed to sustainability and environmental sensitivity for years. Our distribution center in Waukesha recycles cardboard, plastic, wooden skids, paper, mattresses, and florescent light bulbs. Steinhafels also recycles furniture and electronics, and donates usable pieces to charitable organizations.


We recycle enough electronics in a year to reduce Green House Gas Emissions by over 1500 pounds! Toxic Metals are also diverted and recycled in this process leading to a reduction of 385 pounds.

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We utilize state of the art LEDs in the distribution center and in our showrooms. Using the latest technology to make sure our HVAC system runs as efficiently as possible. Overall, we are seeing a savings of 38% on energy usage.


We recycle almost 1,000 tons of cardboard a year, which saves 3,700,000 lbs of lumber & 24,000,000 gallons of water. We also recycle 80,000 lbs. of plastic a year! Did you know it takes 400 years to breakdown plastic in a land fill.

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We have natural gas service tech vehicles, and we are exploring using natural gas delivery trucks in the future.