Helen Rafdahl - Interior Designer

Helen Rafdahl
Helen Rafdahl

Interior Designer

I am an Interior Designer with over 30 years of experience in the home furnishings industry. My education includes a BFA in Interior Design graduating Cum-laude.

To me, Interior Design is more than just selecting pretty colors and furniture. It's about creating spaces that make people feel comfortable,inspired and joyful while still reflecting their personal style. The best feeling is seeing the look on a client's face as they walk into a space you've designed and say, "Wow, I just love this room! I can't believe the transformation!"

I truly enjoy all aspects of design. I especially love helping you discover your own unique style, which ensures each project reflects your personality. We can incorporate a cherished piece of existing furniture, a treasured piece of art or a collected family heirloom into your design.

Communication,trust and attention to detail are key to a successful project so I will embark on a focused journey to provide you and your family the very best options to fit your lifestyle. As an accomplished professional, I will strive to create peace of mind, the feeling of being understood and the end outcome- a well designed home you love!


Contact Helen at (847) 281-0031